North End Gentry day is a fan organised event and is in memory of any Preston North End follower or player who may have passed away in the last 12 months.

The Gentry term was first used by third division championship winning manager Alan Ball Snr in the early 1970s stating to the Press after a game that 

"Preston fans are the best, they're the gentry".

This inspired a number of PNE fans to don bowler hats and even pin stripe suits at Deepdale and especially amongst a loyal band of away supporters. 

In 2005 supporters organisation The Preston Supporters Group (PSG) arranged the "Return of the Gentry" in memory of John Tracey, a member of the original PNE Gentry who sadly passed away. This was a massive success and even saw North End's players wearing the famed bowler hats on the pitch.

In 2008 with the support of PNE-Online and other supporters groups, PSG decided to make it an annual event for all North End fans and the people of Preston to remember anyone they may have lost during that season/year.

Last Seasons Gentry Day was held at Oakwell the home of Barnsley FC and was attend by nearly 3000 PNE fans. 

A wide range of North End Supporters come together each season with the club to ensure this unique tradition is one of the highlights of the football calendar. 


Gentry Day 2023 - Middlesbrough 18th March 

The away match at Middlesbrough on Saturday 18th April 2022 has been voted as the date for this years annual Gentry Day.

Whilst we are all having a good time on the day, lets not forget what the true meaning of Gentry Day.

Each year a dedication & tribute thread is available on PNE Community Forum - PNE-Online  for supporters to post stories and names of supporters they would like to be remembered on the day itself.

Gentry Day has now become a proud tradition for the folk of Preston and it's football club and has been well received by supporters of all the clubs chosen as hosts over the years.  

We are sure all supporters will once again will be pulling out all the stops to make this seasons Gentry Day a great day in the PNE fans' calendar